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Growing up in the golden age of the 90's, K-oz turned quickly into a slave to the music! Since he was a little boy, K-oz was obsessed with the DJ-profession. By the age of 12 he bought his first record players and that's where his story begun. A story that he has been writing for more then 10 years now, but he still has got a lot to write down! As an all-round talent,

K-oz brings you a gentle mix of House, Club, R&B, Progressive & Deep House.

Played at: Noxx, Kokorico, Red&Blue, E-Motion (Lagoa), Maxxies, Beachland, Daydream Festival, Club Exquis, Tri'eau, Lazarus Club, Lime Club, Hallywood, Gateway 13, Bowling stones, Square Café, Baradouz, …. and a hell of a lot parties like MidZomer Wambeek, Openluchtfuif Bodegem, Carrotnight, ... and he has worked for JimTv & VtmKzoom. 

He made several remixes for diMaro and is now working on his first record together with producer Sammy Merayah.

Start spreading the word! Are your ready for K-oz B!tches?!

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